Bs200pro Image Processing and Analysis System /Product Control Module

Bs200ProP Software product for the control of one or more receives and analyzes the camera image. Morphological studies of products produced, pollution, faulty manufacturing, dyeing rate, hole depth, hole lengths, diameters, locations, surface analysis and quality control, etc., Makes and returns results quickly.

To control the desired product, metal products, textile products, wood products or may be any product.

Bs200ProP Software, to make the product extremely easy to control and secure. Product information that you have defined as a master, with a file name in the records.

The information defined on the product is important. Each product produced in series on the basis of control information is set as a master. The period of the control depending on the speed of your computer and your camera varies between 8 ms and 30 ms.

Bs200ProP software automatically becomes the master data. Information generated by the master control of the product in question, as pressing the Work begins, and gives you the final result on the basis of milliseconds. If you manufacture is producing a bad voice, mesajlı the product on the flash (on the bad points) by doing the burning light will warn.

Production is computer controlled vehicle, automatically stops production line in case of faulty production.