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Researcher: :Prof. Dr. Hasan BİLGİLİ / Vet. Hekim Özge ÇAPTUĞ Thanks a lot to them.

Story of this product;
I have a dog called Çelik(steel).He wasnt even a year old but having walking problems.I took him to control of veterinary faculty of Ankara University t, Ph. Mr. Hasan put the diagnosis of hip dislocation.

Solution was surgery so they began preparations. They had an MR and start drawing measurement templates on a tracing paper size.Mr.Hasan did not know that I was producing image analysis softwares.I told him about that and made him a proposal of why should we make you a software for this? He accepted it

Conclusion: BsCelik (Bs Orthopaedic) software, is there even was used in publications.

TTA Template (Tuberositas Tibia Advancement Technique)

What is TTA ?

Moving forward technique tibia tuberosity (tibial tuberosity, Advancement: TTA), in short, extraarticular approaches, in mediolateral direction transverse osteotomy of the tibia tuberosity of the tibia with the original structure is preserved and TTA implants, and then with the help of liberalization, liberalized tibia tuberosity of the tibia forward, after relocating back into the knee joint stability by fikzasyonu gain technique.

In the early years (2001) 150 separate clinical procedure for the surgical approach and applied this method to develop implants, despite the technical problems can cause a serious problems than expected, the completion of the process of developing the technique in routine clinical practice early in 2004 was settled. Today in the United States, Japan and many European countries are applied successfully on several clinical casesi


Total force in the patellar ligament of the knee joint that is approximately parallel to the axis of the tibia functional. The angle between the patellar ligament and tibial plateau (a) 900, the joint breaks in the breaking strength of both the load As soon bond. When the position of flexion of the knee joint 900 is a 900, this transition point is called flexion. Approximately 1050, while a full knee extension, knee flexion while a 700 is complete. So depending on the transition point of flexion in the knee joint in the front cross-link load extension, the posterior cruciate bond totaling flexed. Kopuklarında LCA, whether to add the full extension of the knee joint stabilization in flexion is created by changing the transition point

TTA Plate

Plağın proksimalinde yer alan fiksasyon deliklerinin sayısına göre 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 ve 8 delikli olmak üzere 6 adet TTA plağı bulunmaktadır. Plağın distal bölümünde ise 2 adet transkortikal vida deliği bulunmaktadır. Bu deliklerden gönderilen 2.4, 2.7, 3.5 mm çaplarındaki transkortikal vidalar aracılığıyla plağın distal bölümü, tibial kortekse fikse edilir.

TTA Plate Fixation Blocks

The fixation of the plate proximal to the appropriate number of holes 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 form of blocks with fixation gears. Is this fixation with the notch in the gear in the middle of blocks, block, plate fixation, fixation on the block after being placed exactly between the deadlock created by providing a strong fixation.

Interlocking & Intermedullary Pin Application